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You’ve got your business plan locked and you’re ready for business but getting registered is one hurdle too overwhelming to cross?

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You can now dare to set up your LLC or Corp business in an instant. My Launch Pad Network will get you started with a LLC or Corp within your State here in the US.

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You’ll be working with a dedicated lawyer and a tax accountant to ensure you’re covered every step of the way.

Whether it leveraging our extensive business expertise or making headway with our free advice, individuals like you are taking advantage of our trove of capabilities to turn their business dreams to reality.

Why My Launch Pad Network?

Started with the intention to make business registration hassle free- you’ll quickly discover you made the right choice.

Our services are convenient

Put an end to the frustrations of trying to register your company. Our online platform has made everything easy- trade the delays and time you’ll spend on queues for easy clicks and taps from your mobile of PC right from the comfort of wherever you are.

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We’re not ashamed to go the extra mile to please you. To be frank, that’s what we signed up for. Our staff are polite, courteous and extremely diligent in every way possible to meet and exceed your expectations. We’re highly responsive when you reach out to us and build our solutions around your precise needs.

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Quality yet affordable? Yes please. Rather than bow to the whims of greed, we are deliberate about ensuring our prices are not beyond your reach. Thinking of cutting cost and saving more for other important aspect of your business? You’ve got your chance now.

Peace of mind

Unlike most of what you’ll find over the internet today, My Launch Pad Network is a registered, licensed, and insured business. Plus, at your service are experienced subject matter experts from lawyers to accountants who are poised to get it right for you the first time of trying.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Unlike other service providers, we stand behind our work. We know you want result and you do need it quick! And that’s what we do best. Our extensive network in the industry, experience, and capacities are some of the factors that ensure you never settle for less.

Don’t beat around the bush. Expect results, get results!

My Launch Pad Network functions in your best interest.

Over the years we’ve discovered what works in addition to having an extensive reach to relevant offices all over the country to expedite business registration processes effortlessly, quickly and affordably too.